Chiefs vs. Broncos predictions and what to expect from Le’Veon Bell

The Kansas City Chiefs will travel to Mile High this Sunday afternoon for a divisional clash against the Denver Broncos.

What’s up, Addicts? We’re back this week with another episode of the Arrowhead Addict podcast. We have a pretty good preview of this weekend’s clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos. We dive into a number of topics, like whether we think the Broncos are better than their record and what we expect to see out of Le’Veon Bell.

Also, and I am really jealous of this, Verderame snagged himself a full-size Space Invaders arcade cabinet. The man has already installed an NBA Jam cabinet so his basement is basically an arcade. I am half tempted to release his address so you can all show up with a stack of quarters and demand some playing time.

Chiefs vs. Broncos Preview and Expert Predictions

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