Congrats to the Raiders on their regular season Super Bowl victory

The Kansas City Chiefs lost for the first time since November 2019 so congratulations to the Las Vegas Raiders on the high point of their season.

Look, folks, this is a Kansas City Chiefs fan site. So to the inevitable droves of mouth-breathing Raiders trolls who are all crawling out from under their bridges to flood the comments section of this post, go ahead and while you’re here, kiss the ring.

In all seriousness, hats off to the Raiders. They played a terrific game, took advantage of a bunch of Chiefs miscues, and finally scored a victory over Patrick Mahomes. There aren’t a lot of teams out there that can say that so good on Oakland…err…Las Vegas.

To the Chiefs Kingdom, we’re sure you are feeling a little distraught. The Chiefs have been winning so much lately you have probably forgotten what it is like to lose. Don’t worry. The Chiefs are going to be fine.

Matt Verderame and Patrick Allen (that’s me) return in the latest edition of the Arrowhead Addict Podcast. We break down just went wrong vs. the Raiders and we start getting you ready for a big AFC clash against the Buffalo Bills next…Monday afternoon. We also answer a ton of fan questions from your reviews on Apple Podcasts. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to the Arrowhead Addict podcast and get a little post-loss therapy.