Chiefs rumors: Patrick Mahomes extension could be coming very soon

Rumors are pointing to a contract extension for Patrick Mahomes soon.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made no secret of their goal to work out a long-term contract extension with starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes this summer. From the rumors that are beginning to bubble over on Twitter on Monday, it sounds as if something could be coming in the pipeline soon.

It is important to note that nothing is official at this point. Rumors are just that—rumors—and should be treated as such. However, a couple sources have already mentioned news of an announcement related to Mahomes is coming soon. One was posted by Katie Camlin on Twitter before being deleted.

While that’s not nearly enough to even comment on, it is interesting when coupled with a stronger source. Former Chiefs offensive lineman Tim Grunhard, who played for the team from 1990-2000, weighed in with another post that seems to signal something positive.

Between the two posts and the knowledge that the Chiefs were already focused on the sort of timeline that would reward Mahomes sooner rather than later (read: this summer), it all makes sense. The front office has been largely silent for some time now, so they’ve clearly been working on something.

When the news breaks, if it does at all, it will be fascinating to see the ultimate terms of the deal in both length and cost. Will the Chiefs want Mahomes around for a startling amount of time? We already know the money involved is going to include a record-setting number as well. Some guesses have put Mahomes in the $40 million/year range, which would make him the highest-paid player in NFL history.

No matter the figure, the reality is that Mahomes is a player unlike any other right now. Not even 25-years-old, Mahomes already has a Super Bowl ring, an NFL MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, and a Pro Bowl MVP trophy on his mantle. The Chiefs are loaded for another run at the title, and Mahomes’ presence under center will ensure the Chiefs are contenders for the foreseeable future.