Chiefs news: Team releases statement about 2020 training camp

KANSAS CITY, MO - May 13: The helmet of Matt Szymanski
KANSAS CITY, MO - May 13: The helmet of Matt Szymanski /

The Chiefs released an official statement about relocating their training camp location on Wednesday.

The Kansas City Chiefs released an official statement on Wednesday confirming the relocation of the team’s training camp for the coming year.

The NFL had previously mandated that all teams would hold training camp at team facilities, but the Chiefs’ official release says they were initially looking to appeal. However they concluded the league office’s were correct.

Instead of playing at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri, the team will be practicing at The University of Kansas Health System Training Complex before the season begins in order to get ready for whatever sort of season the NFL is able to play in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is not only threatening every major sport’s ability to hold any sort of regular season or postseason in 2020, but it’s also altering the places in which these sports can be played. As the NBA prepares to play all of its games in Florida and Major League Baseball begins to come together for plans for an abbreviated season, the NFL is hoping to keep all plans intact for the coming year. However teams like the Chiefs are being forced to change plans to go away for training camp to keep a tighter circle on players and any potential of contracting the coronavirus.

The Chiefs stated that they looked forward to returning to St. Joe next season. Both sides reached agreement on holding training camp at MWSU through the 2022 preseason and the contract also includes two more option years, which makes the potential deal run through 2024 at best. Perhaps the Chiefs will tack on another year to make up for the lost season, but of course, no one is at fault in this scenario. It’s just a bit sad on the fans’ side to lose these rare opportunities to see players up close and for families to enjoy their favorite team in the informal summer atmosphere.

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