Logan Ryan is not a realistic target for the Chiefs

While it would be nice to dream of the Kansas City Chiefs signing a big-name target like Logan Ryan at cornerback, it’s just not realistic.

There are enough elements here, admittedly, to manufacture some smoke if you want. Veteran cornerback Logan Ryan is still somehow a free agent even after the NFL Draft, when the majority of the most coveted players available have found a new home. The Kansas City Chiefs are also dealing with some concerns at cornerback, even after the draft, and a veteran makes plenty of sense at this point.

Too bad the marriage is unrealistic.

Every now and then, if you peruse social media accounts of Chiefs fans and analysts, you’ll come across some conjecture that Logan Ryan could be a potential addition or that general manager Brett Veach should, at the very least, look into the possibility of adding him. Unfortunately, unless Ryan is willing to forgo his last real shot at a major payday, it’s just not going to happen.

Recently Ryan stated that he’s finished with the Titans and closed the door on even rumors of him potentially returning to the team that had the Chiefs on the ropes in the AFC conference championship game.  Here is his Instagram post:


In Ryan’s post, he states that his “chapter in Tennessee has come to a close” and that he is “looking forward to continue to play at an elite level for an organization that’s a great fit for me and my family.” If there’s any good news here, it’s that Ryan sounds like a player looking for a healthy organization with which to sign and he doesn’t bring up money at all. It’s about fit and family. Those are good things in the Chiefs favor. After all, how many coaches are more beloved than Andy Reid? How many teams have won 4 straight division titles? How many Super Bowl winners look this ready to repeat?

This sort of acquisition, or at least the exploration of it, also makes sense from the Chiefs’ perspective. The team has one proven corner to start outside in Charvarius Ward. They re-signed veteran Bashaud Breeland to hold down the other side, but given the events unfolding this offseason around his recent arrest, there are variables in play here. In addition, that’s all the security the Chiefs have in the secondary without leaning on further variables—namely youth and inexperience—like Rashad Fenton, L’Jarius Sneed, Bopete Keyes, et al.

The ability to sign Logan Ryan would put the Chiefs over the top, to be sure. The defense would lack any real weakness and would even be deep enough to withstand injuries at every level. The rigors of an NFL season are already tough and this offseason, without proper planning and conditioning, could making a go of it even tougher.

However, Logan Ryan averaged $10 million per year for each of the last three seasons in Tennessee and there’s no reason for him to accept much less than that this time around. Once again, he has the chance or one more pay day at the age of 29 and his play is worthy of someone giving him what he wants. Between injuries and offseason events, something is bound to happen to open up further opportunities and Ryan remains the best player available at a position of need for many teams.

The Washington Redskins, Indianapolis Colts, L.A. Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Philadelphia Eagles all make sense for Ryan at this point. Each team has plenty of salary cap space to spare with a need at the position to address. Maybe some of the teams are waiting to see how the market settles for Ryan, or maybe they want to get a better read on their roster after the draft, but there’s enough need plus available monies for Ryan to know he’s got some solid payday coming left this offseason.

The downside is that it won’t be coming from the Chiefs.