Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland faces more trouble than just arrest

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland (Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images) /

Here’s all the latest on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Bashaud Breeland, who faces more punishment than anyone originally knew.

It appears that the Chiefs are facing another offseason plagued by legal difficulties. As was reported by multiple outlets, Chiefs’ cornerback Bashaud Breeland was arrested on multiple misdemeanor charges in South Carolina stemming from marijuana and alcohol use along with resisting arrest.

While we certainly do not know all the details and it is absolutely premature to try and offer an idea as to what will happen for Breeland legally, there have been recent developments.

Tom Pelissero, of NFL Network reported that on top of the recent arrest and charges, Breeland was already facing a four game suspension for violations of the League’s substance abuse policy.

This is new information that we were unaware of until the most recent report. While we do not know exactly what caused the four game suspension other than a vague reference to a violation of the substance-abuse policy, Breeland is appealing, his lawyers issued a statement, and more details are sure to come to light. Despite this, the Chiefs have shown that honesty is valued within the organization and that may offer some insight as to how the Chiefs will handle the now tumultuous secondary situation.

We all recall the circumstances surrounding Tyreek Hill from last year at this time. Hill faced allegations of child abuse within his home and underwent an investigation with the league along with investigations with local authorities. Hill was ultimately cleared of all charges and did not receive any discipline by the NFL. We will likely never know the contents of that investigation, but it seems clear that the Chiefs valued Hill’s openness and honesty throughout the process.

Unlike Hill, running back Kareem Hunt (currently signed with the Browns) failed to be honest with the Chiefs organization. Hunt, prior to the 2018 season, was involved in an altercation at a hotel in Ohio. The Chiefs noted that Hunt had explained the incident to them, and they were working with him to become a better player including anger management. Months later, TMZ released video footage of the altercation and the Chiefs promptly cut Hunt. It was quite clear that Hunt failed to fully disclose what actually happened. In short, he lied.

The Chiefs value honesty and openness within the organization. If Breeland is honest and open, then the decision whether to retain Breeland for the 2020 season (whenever that occurs) will be based on talent. However, if Breeland has shown an inability to control himself and lies to the Chiefs, the precedent has been set.

Regardless, the Chiefs will need to handle this with care knowing that the Chiefs fanbase has high expectations for this team both on and off the field. We all hope the strong leaders in the locker room and coaching staff can make the right decisions for the secondary.