Podcast: Previewing the NFL Combine through a Chiefs lens

The NFL Draft will prove to be a huge part of the Kansas City Chiefs title defense, and it all starts with the NFL Draft Combine

The NFL Combine is underway in Indianapolis, with the Kansas City Chiefs and 31 other franchises getting an up-close look at a lot of NFL hopefuls for the first time. Joining them is half of America as these events have been pushed back to a primetime viewing slot because football fans are crazy and will watch anything—even guys playing football against the air in spandex.

While prospects will be and have been heavily discussed around Chiefs Kingdom, prospects are not even my favorite storyline of this year’s NFL Draft—at least not from a Kansas City perspective.

Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has yet to make a first-round selection as acting GM so far in his tenure. While the Kansas City Chiefs do own their pick, slotting at 32 after winning the Super Bowl, that doesn’t exactly mean Veach will make his first-ever first-round pick.

The Chiefs only own five picks in this year’s NFL Draft. They also only have a pinch more than $13 million dollars in cap space to play with this summer, as of now. With holes to fill around this Championship roster, cheap rookies via the NFL Draft become more valuable, especially when Chris Jones and Patrick Mahomes paydays seems just around the corner.

So does Brett Veach trade back from pick 32 in order to secure more selections in this year’s NFL Draft and help fill out his roster? Or does Brett Veach pull yet another rabbit out of his hat and do something unexpected, like trade up in the NFL Draft?

I was joined by AA contributor and draft enthusiast Thomas Welte on the Thursday edition of the Arrowhead Addict podcast to discuss this very topic, and much more. A one hour NFL Combine primer to get you set with so many prospects your head will spin. Tom also gives insight on what to watch for at the NFL Combine and what actually matters.