NFL rumors: Deshaun Watson wants to top Patrick Mahomes contract

NFL reporter Ian Rapoport stated on Sunday morning that Deshaun Watson is expected to wait until Patrick Mahomes gets a new deal in order to top it this offseason.

Sometime this offseason, Patrick Mahomes is going to get paid like no one else in NFL history. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is coming into the portion of his rookie deal that allows him to be eligible for a contract extension, and rumors have swirled for some time that a long-term extension would be pursued as soon as possible.

When the time comes, the headlines will say that Mahomes is the NFL’s highest-paid player, but the question now is how long the 2018 NFL MVP will hold that title. That’s because his draftmate from the same class of 2017, Deshaun Watson, is eyeing the same prize and is reportedly waiting on Mahomes to get his money so he can claim the next tier higher from the Houston Texans.

Interestingly enough, both Mahomes and Watson are on display on Sunday afternoon in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs for the AFC. The winner will get to move on to host the Tennessee Titans who unexpectedly dominated the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, which means the Super Bowl is a real possibility for either Watson or Mahomes here.

Ian Rapoport posted a bit of news on Sunday saying that contract negotiations were expected to get underway after the season between the Chiefs and Mahomes and both sides would likely be forced to wait on the new collective bargaining agreement. Then he reported what he did on Watson’s interests in all of this.

“I would not be surprised based on what I know if after Mahomes gets his huge contract that that is time for Deshaun Watson’s huge contract that he hopes would come in right above the Patrick Mahomes deal,” said Rapoport.

What will these totals bring? It’s impossible to tell just yet but Jeff Diamond at Sporting News says Mahomes could get $44 million per year. The full breakdown is worth reading. Either way, both players are going to get paid handsomely, but they’ll both be worth it as the rarest of traits in the NFL: a young franchise quarterback.