Who ends up with more wins: Kansas City Chiefs or New England Patriots?

The Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots look like the head teams of the class in the AFC, but who will have more wins in the end of the season?

In the AFC, there are several competitive teams with reasons to believe they can and will make the postseason—even for some who have stumbled early. Yet even considering the entire AFC South and three-quarters of the AFC North, the reality is that even most of those teams would likely concede that the titles for best teams in the conference belong to the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots.

On the latest episode of v—FanSided’s podcast featuring NFL editor Matt Verderame, editor Josh Hill and former Chiefs lineman Geoff Schwartz—the trio of experts break down several key questions being asked around the NFL after an exciting Week 2 slate of games. Those questions cover Eli Manning and Daniel Jones, the Steelers acquisition of Minkah Fitzpatrick and, most consequential to us, the question as to who will have the AFC’s top seed.

Regardless of how you feel about the Chiefs’ ability to beat the Patriots, it is quite clear that the Pats have the much easier time when it comes to the schedule this season. Imagine if the Chiefs played in a division with both the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. One team is tanking outright and the other has every reason to start moving that way. In addition, the Buffalo Bills might be 2-0, but is anyone going to shake in fear for having to play them? The answer is a clear no.

As for the Chiefs, the schedule is going to be tougher which means if the Chiefs want to be able to grab home-field advantage through the playoffs, they might need to put up a regular season win in Foxborough alongside any future postseason wins as well. That’s a tall order, but every Super Bowl team must put up such performances throughout the year.

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