Mitchell Schwartz reflects on his new extension with the Chiefs

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Right tackle Mitchell Schwartz
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Right tackle Mitchell Schwartz /

Right tackle Mitchell Schwartz met with the media this week to detail his side of signing a new one-year extension with the Chiefs.

Kansas City Chiefs right tackle Mitchell Schwartz met with reporters on Thursday for the first time since signing a new one-year contract extension that will keep him with the team through the 2021 season. The tackle answered several questions about the timing and terms of the deal along with inquiries into his offseason plans.

Schwartz has been even better than advertised ever since he took over duties at right tackle in 2016. Originally signed to a five-year deal by general manager John Dorsey, Schwartz is a two-time All-Pro since joining the Chiefs, and was ranked by Pro Football Focus as the best offensive lineman in the NFL last season. Not only is his performance recognized among the league’s best, but he’s also more reliable than anyone else as the NFL’s reigning iron man. His consecutive snaps streak is the NFL’s highest—an honor he’s held since the 2017 season after taking over from Joe Thomas.

Schwartz spoke to the media about how a new deal was able to come together despite having two more seasons on his current contract.

“There’s only so many way things [the Chiefs] can actually do to show how much they appreciate you and obviously contracts are the main way teams can do it,” says Schwartz. “Getting that done shows a lot. I mean, I had two years left on the deal and typically you’re not always able to work those out because you’re still so far from free agency and they control your terms. I’m really appreciative to them to be receptive to it.

“Obviously we came together and made it work, so I think both sides are pretty happy. I like being here. It’s been an awesome three years and now I’ve got three more so I’m looking forward to those.”

When asked whether or not there was anything to the one-year timeline, Schwartz denied any hidden meaning. It could be easy to wonder whether Schwartz had committed internally to three more seasons before calling it a career, since he will be 33-years-old at the end of the new deal. However, Schwartz says it’s just the way things worked at this point for both sides.

“I think obviously the team goal is to win a Super Bowl here,” says Schwartz. “That’s all we’re looking forward to. After that, I’m sure the goal is to win another. You kind of just take things one season at a time. I think just numbers wise and cap-wise it worked out best to do that. That’s juts the best way it worked out. Three years feels really far away, so who knows what’s going to happen down the road, but I’m looking forward to the season for sure.”

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Schwartz is the team’s best offensive lineman and an important bookend for the Chiefs as they progress under second-year starter Patrick Mahomes as quarterback. Given the way Schwartz has played since arriving in K.C., it wouldn’t surprise anyone if there’s an additional season or more tacked onto this contract when all is said and done.