Brett Veach needs to bring home a full draft class for Kansas City Chiefs

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Brett Veach, General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs shakes hands with a fan before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Brett Veach, General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs shakes hands with a fan before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at AT /

While Brett Veach might want to package picks together in efforts to trade up and secure a player or two, the reality is the Chiefs could use a full class.

Given the limited sample size of transactions we’ve been given to analyze Brett Veach as a general manager, it’s hard to discern a full profile based on the body of work in front of us. But there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind that Veach is, at the very least, decisive.

Some might even refer to Veach as aggressive, but the Kansas City Chiefs GM doesn’t seem to make moves for the sake of making them. Instead he has developed his convictions (and/or heard the advice from his staff) and believes in them to the point of action. In short, if Veach has reason to want a guy he will go out and get him.

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When it comes to the draft, that’s good news that the Chiefs aren’t afraid to maneuver for the sake of their man, but it does bring a downside into focus. The Chiefs had 10 picks last year and ended up with 6 players. Veach identified his draft values and acted accordingly, which means multiple times those selections were packaged together for the sake of moving up the draft board.

This year, that could present an issue for the Chiefs. Yes, K.C. is a contender for the Super Bowl before the season even begins. The roster has loads of talent with myriad likely Pro Bowlers already installed. No one is looking to this draft class to really plug in a lot of immediate holes among the team’s starters. They are, however, looking to this draft to round out a roster with major issues at depth (as well as perhaps a couple starting hopefuls).

Here’s the thing about the Chiefs right now: for a team with championship hopes, they’re pretty thin all around. Right now the Chiefs have eight total picks heading into the draft. If Veach gives away a few extra—say three—the Chiefs are only coming home with a handful of prospects. That’s not good for a franchise that could use depth at multiple positions on both sides of the ball.

Right now, just on the offensive side, there’s good reason for the Chiefs to bring in more the one pick at wide receiver and tight end alone (unless you’re somehow really enamored with Blake Bell‘s recent signing). At the very least, the Chiefs would like to come home with 1 WR, 1 TE, 1 running back, a swing tackle, and an interior offensive lineman—just on the offensive side.

The defense, however, is the part that’s being remade. The Chiefs could use an EDGE or two as well as another young defensive tackle. The entire linebacking corps could use competition, because there’s not a single starter in the lot that inspires any real confidence.

Then again, the single biggest black hole of all is found at cornerback, where anyone signed this offseason even on a one-year deal is an instant starter on the outside. Oh yeah, some of you want a first or second round safety, too.

Even if we admitted defeat at getting help at a few of these positions—even though they are still needed—the Chiefs are going to need to use every single pick they’re given to make sure the quantity rounds out the roster.

Veach has been known to get his man, but this might be a great draft to allow to supposed depth of the class to come to him instead. Even if the team simply waits it out at the bottom of each round, Veach will come home with three of the top 60-ish prospects coming into the league. He’ll also come home with eight new draftees who can provide a thin roster with more competition and depth to live up to the rigors of the regular season.

Here’s hoping quantity and quality join the Chiefs over draft weekend because right now a number of positions—tight end, offensive tackle, wide receiver, cornerback—would be a complete disaster if just a single injury happened.