Kansas City Chiefs podcast: Brett Veach has to make a move on defense

The Kansas City Chiefs defense has been awful and finally lost a game for this team. Brett Veach has to make a move to improve this defense now.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost their first game of the season when they traveled to take on the New England Patriots on Sunday night. Most fans knew that this team was going to lose a game at some point and losing to the team that has been the king of the AFC over the last decade while it hurts, is a loss that is easier to swallow. At least with considering how the game went down with a first-year quarterback and the number of injuries the Chiefs were playing with.

Even with all of that being said, it doesn’t make watching this awful defense any easier. It’s a defense that lost you this game. Patrick Mahomes and the offense could have won this game and likely should have considering they put up 40 points on Bill Belichick’s defense. It was only a matter of time that this defense was going to lose a game for Kansas City.

Most of the blame has landed on defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, and he has earned a lot of the fault that has come his way. How much of the blame should be going to the rest of the defensive coaching staff and how much should go toward general manager Brett Veach?

After an offseason in which the emphasis was on the defensive side of the ball, many of the players brought in have not been pieces that have improved this defense.


Veach needs to go out and make a move before the trade deadline. This defense has been putrid throughout the season aside from one game against Blake Bortles. There’s no reason not to think that this defense could lose a game for Kansas City come playoff time.

In order to not waste this elite offense in 2018, the Chiefs organization must come up with something to help the defense not to be great but be better than dead last.