Patrick Mahomes: The dream becomes a reality

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 11: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes
KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 11: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes /
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For decades fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have dreamed of having a young star quarterback of their own. This Sunday Patrick Mahomes finally makes that dream a reality.

As roster cuts, practice squad signings and last minute acquisitions fill the NFL transaction wire and rosters take shape we now know (for the most part) which players will make up the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs. On Saturday as the roster was taking shape I probably had similar reactions to many of you.

“They didn’t keep Arrion Springs!?!?!?”

“Wow, I can’t believe they kept Matt McGloin over Chase Litton!”

“Terrance Smith is either the best special teams player on the planet or he has dirt on somebody.”

“Ron Parker coming back, huh? Not sure if I should be relieved because we’re weak there or worried because he wasn’t great last season.”

I was happy to see some guys make the team (Darrel Williams) and happy to see some guys go (a certain cornerback that struggled this preseason). There are positions where I really like the talent and depth and then there’s the cornerbacks (sigh). It was a brutal day for many players with NFL dreams but in the end the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs are largely who we thought they would be when training camp opened a little over a month ago.

As Saturday came to a close and the adrenaline rush of the constant twitter updates on who was in and who was out started to wear off I realized something. As obsessed as I am over who the fifth cornerback will be or if the Chiefs will add a third tight end for week one while Demetrius Harris is out, all of those details are just footnotes to the real story of the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs.

For DECADES Chiefs fans have dreamed of the day when we would be the team with the young star quarterback that is ready to take the NFL by storm. This Sunday, Patrick Mahomes will finally make that dream a reality.

Yes, football is a team sport and Mahomes success will be tied to the abilities of the other 52 players that make the team. But for a franchise that has essentially been in quarterback purgatory since Len Dawson retired after the 1975 season (two years before I was born), the reality of Patrick Mahomes is reason to get excited.