Report: Kareem Hunt punches man at Ohio resort

KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 6:Running back Kareem Hunt
KANSAS CITY, MO - JANUARY 6:Running back Kareem Hunt /

The Kansas City Chiefs might have a situation on their hands with a TMZ report that Kareem Hunt has punched a man over the weekend at a resort.

The Kansas City Chiefs are likely trying to piece together as much information as they can and bring running back Kareem Hunt in for some answers after TMZ published a report that the team’s star running back got into an altercation in Ohio over the weekend.

Hunt was reportedly at Put in Bay in northern Ohio where he had partied over the weekend. Hunt and a man reportedly got into an altercation and Hunt proceeded to punch the man at some point. Fortunately for the team and the player, no medical attention was needed and no one was arrested.

What is frustrating about this particular situation is that Hunt has had two such instances this offseason. Four month ago, Hunt and a woman filed cross complaints alleging that the other had caused an altercation. Hunt was accused of shoving the woman, but Hunt’s side was that the woman was actually the one who had assaulted him.

While there might be no actionable offenses this offseason for the NFL to need to intervene, the reality is that the pattern here this offseason could be a reason for the Chiefs to rally their own troops to see why Hunt has been involved in two incidents.

Hunt had a tremendous rookie season to remember with a historic debut performance that included the most yards from scrimmage in a debut in NFL history. The season ended with Hunt holding the league’s rushing title with 1,327 rushing yards. He is expected to build on that in year two as the Chiefs turn to a first-year starter at quarterback in Patrick Mahomes.

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Here’s hoping Hunt enjoys calmer waters for the rest of the offseason and the Chiefs are able to sift through the details to find the truth and a way to help Hunt avoid the wrong situations and persons.