A Chiefs fan’s guide to the NFL Draft: Final Mock Draft

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 01: Mike Hughes
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 01: Mike Hughes /
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Over the past four weeks we have looked at several key positions the Chiefs might target in the draft. Now let’s put it all together in a final mock draft.

The week of the 2018 NFL Draft is finally here. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs will find out which new players will be added to their favorite team’s roster in just a few short days. Over the past month I have used this weekly column to profile players at the four positions I felt were the biggest need: cornerback, safety, linebacker/edge rusher, and interior offensive line. This week I considered doing a fifth positional profile (likely on the interior defensive line) but ultimately decided that was a little anticlimactic for the week of the draft. Instead I decided to put together a mock draft that centered on many of the options that I have profiled over the past four weeks.

Does that mean that I limited myself to only drafting players I profiled at those four positions? No, but if you have read those four pieces you will certainly recognize a lot of the players that I selected, especially in the back half of the draft.

If you haven’t read those positional profiles yet, you can read them at the links below.

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Before we get started, let’s talk about my outlook on this mock draft. Is it 100% a prediction of what I think the Chiefs will do? No. Is it 100% what I would do if I was calling the shots? Pretty close, but not exactly. Let’s call it 70% what I would do with 30% what I believe the Chiefs will do mixed in.

To start things off I feel like Brett Veach has all but announced to the world that he wants to trade up and land an impact player. How far will he trade up? I don’t know. Who exactly would he be willing to trade up for? Its hard to say but it seems like the position everyone is talking about with the Chiefs and a possible trade up is cornerback. That makes a lot of sense to me. So I decided to start my draft off with a trade up to grab a cornerback.

What did I give up to make the move? What corner did I target?

I’m glad you asked.