NFL Draft rumors: Chiefs could trade into first round with Eagles

The Kansas City Chiefs have been mentioned as a possible partner to trade back up into the first round with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly looking to trade out of the first round entirely, which would be pick No. 32 overall, in exchange for more selections in a draft in which they have only six picks coming in. The Kansas City Chiefs might be just the team to make that happen.

The Chiefs are without a first round pick currently, but they do own a second round choice and two third round selections. They also already have two second round picks in next year’s draft thanks to the return on the Marcus Peters trade to the Los Angeles Rams, so there is some ammunition there if general manager Brett Veach wanted to make that happen.

One indication that Veach could do just that is that he mentioned doing so at a press conference in mid-March. Specifically Veach said, “Who knows maybe we’ll get back in the first round before it’s all said and done.”

Why would the Chiefs want to move up? Well, the primary reason would be to grab a top-tier talent on their own draft board if he happened to slip all the way to the bottom of the first round. If the Chiefs identified a player they really liked, say a top notch pass rusher or safety prospect, and that player were still available at No. 32 overall, it might be worth trading up and not waiting for another half round or more to see if he continues to fall if the player graded high enough to warrant losing another pick entirely.

What’s also important to remember about first round picks is that they come with a fifth year option attached, which goes away the moment the second round begins. If the Chiefs landed a great player in the first round, they could keep him for an additional season which could become important. Then again, the Chiefs haven’t really needed that in recent years considering they traded Peters before his option could even come up. They also faced a questionable decision about Dee Ford’s own option.

Still, if the right player is there, Veach has already stated a willingness to move up and the Eagles might provide such a place.