Tyrann Mathieu rumors: Chiefs among several teams interested

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 24: Free safety Tyrann Mathieu
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 24: Free safety Tyrann Mathieu /

The rumor mill is churning on where Tyrann Mathieu might land, and the Kansas City Chiefs are just one of several teams mentioned.

The Tyrann Mathieu situation is an interesting one, a whirlpool of rumors that has drawn in nearly half the NFL as numerous teams are apparently interested in the former Arizona Cardinals safety who was surprisingly set free this week.

On Wednesday, the first day of the new league year, the Cardinals decided to part ways with Mathieu before significant roster bonus and cap hits were going to set in. It severed a relationship with one of the most dynamic defensive players in the NFL, when healthy that is. Mathieu has dealt with a torn ACL and shoulder injury in recent years that kept him out for weeks at a time. It’s likely that health and diminished performance coming off the injuries that concerned the Cardinals.

What NFL teams are betting on, however, is the rare potential here and that will increase the bids back to likely where the Cardinals were at, or near, in the first place. Mathieu himself has said it’s not about the money necessarily but also the football culture of any potential new team. That bodes well for consistent winners on the list of teams interested.

According to Joe Arrigo, the list of interested teams include the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders. That’s not a complete list, because as Kansas City Chiefs fans all heard themselves, general manager Brett Veach even publicly said he would be interested if the money would work.

Speaking of the Chiefs, one NFL analyst who tends to get things right noted that K.C. could be the place to watch:

It remains to be seen what will happen, but at this point, much of the NFL is waiting on the Mathieu visit cycle to begin and to see which teams come up first on the list.