Kansas City Chiefs: Possible free agent replacements for Marcus Peters

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The loss of star cornerback Marcus Peters leaves a hole in the Chiefs secondary. Here are some free agent corners they could target to fill it.

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are still reeling from the news that their favorite team dealt their star cornerback Marcus Peters. Since the news broke, Chiefs Kingdom has been in complete turmoil. That is in part because teams don’t just trade away players that are viewed as one of the elite at their position and certainly not when they are still on their very team friendly rookie deals.

The other reason there has been so much stress over the deal is that as of Sunday afternoon when I am typing this we still know NOTHING about the compensation that the Chiefs are getting in return for Peters. There are numerous posts here at Arrowhead Addict where you can debate the “why” of this move or what the compensation will or should be, but as opposed to doing that here I thought I would offer up some possible players the Chiefs could sign to fill the void left by Peters departure.

The past two weeks I gave you my suggestions for pending free agents that the Chiefs should target this offseason. I deliberately did not include any cornerbacks on my list of defensive players because as of last Monday I didn’t think the Chiefs would be looking to add anyone else. Obviously, things have now changed.

If you read my free agent lists you know that I stayed away from guys I thought would break the bank to sign. The reason for that being that with Chiefs’ GM Brett Veach just getting the team out of salary cap hell, I can’t see him going right back into it with some monster free agent contract. That is why you won’t see Trumaine Johnson and Malcolm Butler on this list. Would I be thrilled if the Chiefs signed either of those guys? Yes. Do I think Chiefs fans should get their hopes up that the Chiefs will sign either of those guys? No.

Instead I have three names that I think would be great signings that shouldn’t cost quite as much as Johnson and Butler. I almost listed four players, but in the end, I left Jacksonville’s Aaron Colvin off this list because while he has shown some great upside, he has almost exclusively been a slot corner so far and I just don’t see the Chiefs having both of their biggest corner acquisitions being slot guys when they need help outside.

Enough about who didn’t make the list, let’s look at the guys who did. Let’s start with the guy that is the most talented but will also likely be the most expensive.