Locked on Chiefs: Senior Bowl targets prepare for NFL Combine

We took a deeper look at the players that the Chiefs could be looking at from the Senior Bowl on Saturday as we start to move into draft season.

The Senior Bowl was played on Saturday and there were a lot of players that the Kansas City Chiefs will be watching closely over the next couple of months. Several players fit the Chiefs perceived needs to this point. Some fit earlier in the draft, but a lot of the prospects on dispaly may be later round picks. Without knowing exactly what picks the Chiefs may have, we are guessing who may or not be available.

Looking at the guards that played in the Senior Bowl, there are at least three that could be good fits for the Chiefs. Whether or not they will last to the Chiefs first pick is up to debate and one of them may be available in the third round. Listen to today’s show for a breakdown of the players we like.

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Pass rush and cornerback help are a little scarcer to come by, unfortunately. There will probably not be a corner or pass rusher worth the team’s second round pick as it stands today. Things happen in draft season and that could obviously change. However, for now the guess is that Kansas City may have to look later. If Kansas City is able to get a good pick for Smith, maybe they will be able to get into position to get a corner or pass rusher earlier in the draft.

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