Pro Bowl 2018: Von Miller sent his hotel bills to Kareem Hunt’s room

Denver Broncos pass rusher Von Miller said that he pulled one over on Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt at this year’s Pro Bowl.

There are two things Kareem Hunt should have been watching for at this year’s Pro Bowl. As one of just a few rookies to earn the honor of playing in the National Football League’s all-star exhibition, Hunt had to know he would be a target for a prank or two from his veteran teammates. He needs to also remember that a rivalry is always a rivalry.

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller, a likely future Hall of Famer and a familiar face at the Pro Bowl with six nominations so far in his career, admitted in an interview with The Checkdown that he pulled one over on the Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back during the week by sending his hotel bills to Hunt’s room.

As part of the winning team, Hunt and Miller both earned $64,000 since the AFC side won the game over the NFC, whose players each received $32,000. That’s plenty of extra cash for Hunt to pay those bills, but it’d be interesting to hear just how much Miller saddled the rookie with for the week. We’re also curious if others were in on the prank and we’d love to hear Hunt’s side of the story.

Expect this rivalry to continue to live on as each player tries to get the best of the other. Given that the Chiefs won both games over the Broncos this year, and their current win rate in the AFC West with Andy Reid as coach, we’re pretty sure Hunt will take a bill here and there if it means that he gets the chance to brag about the bigger picture.