NFL playoff picks: Chiefs are near-unanimous choice over Titans

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Wide receiver Tyreek Hill /

The Kansas City Chiefs are a very popular choice—unanimous on most sites—to defeat the Tennessee Titans on Saturday to begin the postseason.

The NFL postseason is supposed to feature the best against the best, a series of closely matched teams fighting it out in hard-fought, physical games decided only by a few plays. A closer look at the Wild Card round match-ups show that at least some games are being portrayed as lopsided—that includes the Kansas City Chiefs being the heavily weighted favorites over the visiting Tennessee Titans.

The Chiefs have been favored by several points all this week leading up to Saturday’s game, and a run through several NFL sites shows that the Chiefs are unanimous picks no matter who is making their predictions.

Over at Monday Morning Quarterback, Peter King and the rest of his staff of writers and editors are all convinced the Chiefs will leave Arrowhead with a win. ESPN’s Louis Riddick failed to make any predictions at all this week, and his open spot is the only one that wasn’t marked for the Chiefs at the Worldwide Leader. A more in-depth prediction can be found at where the Chiefs are picked to win 26-17 over the Titans. Over at SB Nation, every single is also convinced of K.C.’s dominance.

Tennessee should not fret just yet, however. CBS Sports has a few analysts who have picked the Titans to best the Chiefs, including Pete Prisco. The Chiefs still have the bulk of predictions, but the Titans have at least three NFL analysts willing to side with them.