What would a Marcus Peters trade look like?

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters /

Talent is not a question with Marcus Peters, but does the combination of other needs combined with concerns motivate the Chiefs to trade him.

If you back into a certain corner of Kansas City Chiefs fans on social media, you’ll find a vocal group who have tired of Marcus Peters on the team. “Trade him,” they’ll say, for a myriad of reasons. In the interest of curiosity, let’s explore the how and why behind such a scenario.

At no point do I either think this will happen or believe it should happen. But for a team with plenty of needs and a defensive back not exactly seeing eye to eye with the organization, let’s explore a trade path should Brett Veach decide to make a move.

A trade involving Marcus Peters would require the team opposite of the Chiefs to feel comfortable with the cornerback, and it just so happens there are two such franchises: the Cleveland Browns, with former GM John Dorsey now on board, and the Indianapolis Colts, with ex-Chiefs assistant GM Chris Ballard. (Ballard was responsible for extensive background work on Peters during the lead up to the 2015 NFL Draft.) Both the Browns and the Colts will possess picks near the top of the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

The most likely landing spot in this make believe Marcus Peters trade scenario would be the Cleveland Browns. With two picks in the top 10 and a need for impact players greatly exceeding the value of a draft pick, here’s how a scenario could go down.

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The Chiefs have somewhat low cost veterans that are likely on their way out after the season—including defensive lineman Allen Bailey and outside linebacker Dee Ford. Dorsey and the Browns could be on the receiving end of moving multiple veteran defensive players for a defense that desperately needs help. (Just look at how the Browns were unable to stop the Green Bay Packers in the fourth quarter and overtime on Sunday.)

Would Cleveland be willing to part with what stands now as the 5th overall selection in the 2018 draft and a pick or two in the middle to late rounds of the draft? Cleveland has a staggering 13 selections in the upcoming draft, including 8 picks in the top four rounds. The Browns also own three second round selections, including now the same picks in round two the Browns own in round 1.

Would the Chiefs be willing to include Allen Bailey with Marcus Peters in a deal to Cleveland in return for the 5th overall selection? What about multiple picks in rounds two and three? If the reports are true that, on top of the flag throwing and leaving the field incident, Peters become involved in a shouting match with a coach (rumored to be Dave Toub), the Chiefs may not be able to land the top first round pick they would covet.

Much of my ideas are predicated on the interest of ownership being willing to pay big money to Peters when the time comes in two years. If the idea of making Peters the highest paid corner in football isn’t an idea that sits well with Clark Hunt or Brett Veach, moving the player for significant value is a solid idea. However, if the organization believes Peters is a long term difference maker they intend to keep in town for years to come, then after the season is time to start figuring out long term numbers.

Obviously, I’m not clamoring for the Chiefs simply to move Peters for the sake of doing it. This isn’t like selling a used car in which you simply take the best offer. However, if the organization is not comfortable with a long term contract, or if Clark is not willing to keep the outspoken corner, this offseason is the time to move the player for asset return. Perhaps the Browns could make the ideal trade partner in return.