Chiefs fans are as confused as ever by Cameron Erving trick play call

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Cameron Erving
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 08: Cameron Erving /

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs took to Twitter to express their confusion, anger, frustration and sorrow after yet another trick play from the Chiefs offense.

The Kansas City Chiefs tried to convert a third-and-short scenario by having Alex Smith pass to… Cameron Erving? There were several things wrong with this scenario.

1. Travis Kelce was taken out of the game for someone else in his spot, which should never, ever happen unless he’s been injured.

2. Cameron Erving came into the game as an actual receiving option instead of, you know, as a back-up offensive lineman, WHICH IS WHAT HE IS.

3. Alex Smith decided that Erving was not only an option in the passing game, but he was the very one he should throw to.

4. Smith decided this despite Erving clearly being covered by two defenders.

What makes this scenario so frustrating is that the trick plays Andy Reid has been calling lately have NOT worked. There’s no recent history here of the Chiefs fooling franchises with their clever playcalling. In fact, they always backfire on them. Think back to having Tyreek Hill try to throw a pass only to be intercepted. Or then thre was the time Travis Kelce tried to throw a pass only to be, wait for it, intercepted (again). The reason to call a trick play is if it is bound to work, and somehow the Chiefs have drifted so far from Dontari Poe in the red zone territory that they’ve become quite confused.

The best thing for the Chiefs to do is to keep doing what the Chiefs should be doing and it is not a long list at all: throw the ball to Tyreek Hill, feed the ball to Kareem Hunt, throw the ball to Travis Kelce. On a day in which Kelce already has two touchdowns, the last thing you to is substitute Cam Erving for Kelce and hope you can convert a single yard for a first down.

And if you’re still shaking your head, you’re definitely not alone. Let’s take a closer look at what Chiefs fans on Twitter had to say immediately after watching such a head-scratcher of a play.

The resulting responses on Twitter were exactly what you’d expect.