Cameron Erving is not Travis Kelce nor should the Chiefs pretend like he is


For just a second there, the Kansas City Chiefs were confused as to how to properly employ Cameron Erving in a stupid trick play that went nowhere.

You can file this player under, “What were they thinking?” Unfortunately for fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, there have been quite a few such plays lately over the last several weeks from the team’s offense.

The latest trick play that went about as well as you would imagine if you simply heard a verbal description of it was a play designed to make Cameron Erving into a tight end.

Yes, you heard that correctly. Here’s how NOT open Cam Erving was when they actually tried to make it work. As in, yes they still attempted to pass to force this to happen. Check it out below.

We’re not sure if the team really, really misses Ross Travis, who they recently released, or whether new tight end Orson Charles isn’t quite ready. Maybe Cameron Erving isn’t doing what it takes to get on the field along the offensive line so they’re trying to draw up ways to keep him happy. No matter what the excuse, this play was just silly from the outset and unnecessary.

When a team is at third and one, there are other ways to at least attempt to get that yardage that is much easier and a better idea. Even if you think the best way forward is not via a Kareem Hunt run up the gut or a quarterback sneak with Alex Smith, then at least deliver the ball to a playmaker. Instead the Chiefs ran this with Travis Kelce standing on the sideline, because clearly that’s the best place for him in that instance.

Not surprisingly the Chiefs still trail the New York Jets in the fourth quarter, 30-24.