The Kansas City Chiefs have earned the boos from fans

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As the Kansas City Chiefs continue to be completely past starting a free fall but are now fully in free fall mode, the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium showed their frustration with the offense on Sunday afternoon.

What once was the best offense in the NFL the first few weeks, has become one of the worst, if not the worst. The Kansas City Chiefs started off looking like a completely different offense to start the season giving fans hopes for a deep playoff or Super Bowl appearance. Now, fans are hoping to just make the playoffs at this point.

The Chiefs are barely holding on to the lead of the AFC West at this point sitting at 6-5. The only reason they are even leading at this point is the fact that the Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos continue to get worse and fight for the bottom, and that the Los Angeles Chargers had such a rough start to the season. The Chargers have looked much better lately and are only a win behind Kansas City at this point.

We all thought that the bye week would fix much of the problems on the offensive side of the ball and we would start to see closer playstyle to the beginning of the season. Especially considering the first two games after the bye was against the New York Giants who had given up 82 points the two weeks prior and the Buffalo Bills who had given up 101 points the two weeks prior. The Chiefs only scored 19 combined points against these two teams.

The offense has been absolutely disgusting and Chiefs fans have had enough. What was supposed to be an easy stretch to end the season and easy win to the division, its been nothing short of a nightmare. Are we really at the point of booing the offense when they come off the field? Yes, and here is what deserves booing.