Eli Manning is a good bet to land with the Denver Broncos

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 23: Quarterback Eli Manning
LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 23: Quarterback Eli Manning /

Another Manning could be coming soon to start at quarterback in the AFC West if the Denver Broncos make the move.

A little over five years ago, the Denver Broncos won the sweepstakes known as the chase for Peyton Manning and the AFC West was completely adjusted. Manning was an instant catalyst for the Broncos, propelling them to the top of the division for four consecutive years atop the West and two Super Bowl appearances, including one win in 2015.

Two years since Manning stood under center, the Broncos are both a team in shambles yet a hopeful roster with plenty of interesting parts. Interestingly enough, if they were to strike gold again with a veteran quarterback signing, they could be right back in the thick of things in 2018 despite their current 3-11 record.

Consider, then, the rumors the Broncos could be a potential fit for Eli Manning, Peyton’s younger brother who has two Super Bowl titles of his own. He’s getting older. His best years are behind him. Yet there’s likely enough ability left in the tank to provide the productivity and leadership needed to champion one last rally for Denver.

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The reason the Broncos have lost so much this year comes down to their offense, specifically the play at quarterback. Anyone who watched the Kansas City Chiefs win over Denver earlier this year knows that the only reason K.C. walked away with a win is because Trevor Siemian kept gift-wrapping interceptions to the team’s defense. With Paxton Lynch injured, it’s once again back to Siemian for the next few weeks.

When all is said and done, the Broncos will close the 2017 season with no real clue what they have at quarterback. Siemian is a middling product who has already hit his ceiling. Lynch is often injured and has failed to look the part as a franchise quarterback although he definitely hasn’t had a real chance to show what he can do. Chad Kelly could be a possibility down the road if you’re wearing your rose-colored glasses.

The bottom line is that the Broncos will likely search outside their own roster for next year’s starter versus allowing the team to move forward the way they have. Lynch might end up working out just fine, but the Broncos can’t waste what they already have for another year in hopes that Lynch is okay.

It’s that last bit, what they already have, that make the Broncos the best spot for Manning. Consider who on the roster is guaranteed to be back again for another year. Manning would already have two good to great wideouts in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. He’d also be able to rely on a defense with pass morfshers Von Miller and Shane Ray, a defensive front with Derek Wolfe and Kyle Peko and a secondary with Aqib Talib and Chris Harris.

Specifically that defensive foundation is the sort that a team can build playoff hopes upon. If the Broncos offense can course correct (which will take significant work and restructuring), Those elements already in place could reasonable expect to make another Super Bowl run before the entire roster is disassembled.

Another Manning in the AFC West? It looks like a real possibility. From the Chiefs perspective, they can only hope it doesn’t reap the same rewards as before.