Kansas City Chiefs continue to learn nothing from their mistakes

KANSAS CITY, MO - May 13: The helmet of Matt Szymanski
KANSAS CITY, MO - May 13: The helmet of Matt Szymanski /

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to put on miserable performances as they lose to the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium 16-10.

Week after week, the Kansas City Chiefs continue to move backward. The Chiefs offense has yet to figure anything out during their current skid and fail to put up points despite substantial assets with which to work. Losing five of their last six games looks even worse considering the Chiefs won their first five games of the season.

When you go back and watch the film each week, you can see what the Chiefs need to improve, yet they continue to do the same things that aren’t working. The Chiefs continue to play extremely conservative and with absolutely zero fire in their game.

Even the fans on Sunday showed their frustration at Arrowhead Stadium, as they were consistently booing the offense.

The offense started the game with five straight 3-and-out drives. By the time they had reached halftime, the Chiefs had only a single first down to show for the entire half. Overall, the offense had a whopping total of 58 yards in the first half as they struggled to get anything going.

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The Chiefs offense looked alive for once in a long while when they came out of halftime to drive down the field and score a touchdown. That was, unfortunately, the last you would see of it. This Bills game was another where the defense held the opponent to a low scoring output but the offense couldn’t score. Since the bye week, the Chiefs offense has scored a total of 19 points against two teams that had given up big points the weeks leading up.

Something has to change, but the Chiefs continue to try the same thing over and over with no success. Quarterback Alex Smith continues to make bad throws and now has 3 interceptions in two games. Andy Reid continues to call for screen passes in the backfield and throws short of the sticks.

Head coach Andy Reid has said that rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes will not see the field this year regardless of Smith’s struggles the last 5 or 6 games. Reid shot down questions of a quarterback change during his post-game press conference as well. I talked in the preseason about if Smith was the starter how this team had to make it to the AFC Championship game for this season to not be a waste of time. As I sit here and think about that, all I can do is laugh.

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Reid also took the blame for rookie running back Kareem Hunt not getting the ball more lately and follows up that statement by rushing him 11 times. With a disgusting passing game lately and a non-existent run game, this season looks to be going nowhere.

The defense has done their job the last few weeks containing opponents and the offense continues to fall at an alarming rate. With the offense not making any changes to try and get back to their early season form, especially in a stretch of games that we had no business losing, I will be surprised if the team earns a .500 record.