How did the Chiefs lose to such a horrible team like the Giants?


The New York Giants are horrible and had a single win, so how in the world could the Kansas City Chiefs end up losing to them in Week 11?

There is no good answer to explain why, exactly, the Kansas City Chiefs lost today to a horrible team, although as I type, plenty of columns are being written both on Arrowhead Addict and other sports sites. Even here in this column, the question of how the Chiefs could lose to the one-win New York Giants is a rhetorical one? I don’t really want an answer. There are too many culprits to blame and it starts from the top before going all the way down.

Rather I’m asking the question because I just need a moment to soak this in, to actually wrap my head around the fact that the Chiefs have fallen so far. These same Chiefs were the last unbeaten team in the NFL this year. These same Chiefs defeated the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles back to back to kick off the season. These same Chiefs have averaged nearly 11 wins per season since Andy Reid arrived and looked well on their way to that same record (or better) this year.

Even more, despite a recent losing streak, the Chiefs were coming off of a bye week. They should have been rested, healthy and motivated coming into Sunday’s game. They had a lot to prove after losing 3 of their previous 4 games and had extra time to study film, get prepared and kick off a second half of the season that included several games against also-rans, one of which was the 1-8 Giants.

The Chiefs have a quarterback enjoying a season with MVP-like numbers. They have a rookie of the year candidate in their new running back, a man who has sat atop the rushing ranks all year long. They have one of the two best tight ends in football (depending on your personal view of Gronk) and the fastest player in the NFL at wide receiver.

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Along the trenches, they have plenty of young impressive players who should be growing together. The offensive line is healthy and back together and should be clearing holes with Laurent Duvernay-Tardif and Mitch Morse back in action. Chris Jones and Bennie Logan and Allen Bailey and Justin Houston should be generating a significant pass rush against several offensive lines who are struggling with injuries or lack of talent.

The Chiefs also own one of the league’s best special teams units, coached by one of the NFL’s best in Dave Toub. As a whole, the unit should never lose games and should often be an x-factor in several wins over the course of a full season.

So how in a world do these Chiefs, these accomplished, talented, once-dominating Chiefs, lay such an obvious egg against a team whose head coach is already good as gone after the season is over. The Giants best receivers on the day were named Roger Lewis, Tavarres King and Travis Rudolph, yet somehow they bested Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt.

On paper, the Chiefs should have dominated. On the field, the Chiefs should have dominated. There’s not a single facet of an organization in which the Giants would rank better than the Chiefs, from coaching to talent to positional rankings. It’s not just frustrating. It’s maddening. It’s confusing. It’s unbelievable.

There’s no emotion for this sort of conundrum. Calling for Andy Reid’s head feels outright stupid and reactionary given the team’s winning culture since he’s arrived, yet watching his play calling and clock management are enough to go bananas every week. It’s not Alex Smith’s fault overall, but today he was the difference, committing multiple turnovers and looking conservative far too often.

But here I am, already searching for answers when I said I wasn’t going to. I just wanted to ask questions to no one in particular, to process the dumpster fire I just watched unfold at MetLife Stadium. But there’s no way to do so. The Chiefs just completely blew it for no good reason.