Locked on Chiefs – Red Friday Edition for the New York Giants Game


We get you ready for the Sunday with a preview of the game against the New York Giants.

The Kansas City Chiefs had the same four players missing from practice on Thursday that they did on Wednesday. Tamba Hali, Dee Ford, Albert Wilson and Allen Bailey non-participants in practice. At this point I’m not sure any of them travel to New York for the game unless it’s just to help their replacements. Kansas City needs to get healthier sooner rather than later. They can’t afford to have their players miss so much time.

The Chiefs weren’t helped by the Titans on Thursday night as the Steelers were relentless on offense. The Steelers moved to 7-2 on the year and the Titans took a big step up with the defeat. While the game doesn’t directly affect the Chiefs at this point it could very soon when it comes around to seeding for the playoffs. Kansas City also has a chance to move up against the Giants when the Raiders host the Patriots. With the way Tom Brady has been playing lately it probably won;’t be a good game.

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Cairo Santos got his first opportunity on Wednesday afternoon to meet with another NFL team. The Chicago Bears welcome in the young kicker but didn’t sign him at this point. It’s possible that he finds another job before the end of the season but it’s amazing to see how far the Chiefs have come in regards to kickers. Succop was a good kicker but not good enough for Dorsey as he replaced him with Cairo. Now Santos has been replaced. It’s hard to believe that a little over a month ago most of us didn’t realize who Harrison Butker was…now he’s becoming popular.

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