Alex Smith: “Everything we want is still right in front of us”

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 30: Quarterback Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 30: Quarterback Alex Smith /

In a media session on Wednesday, Alex Smith took time to discuss coming off of the bye week and how he feels about the Chiefs position at midseason.

Typically when a team has lost three of their last four games, and even the win was a questionable one that felt more like a gimme from the opposing side, it’s hard to feel good about the position it’s in. For the Kansas City Chiefs, however, the fact that their leaders can still feel decent about where they stand in 2017 speaks to the level of dominance they showed coming out of the gate to start the season.

Even after skidding straight into their Week 10 bye, the Chiefs are still in full control of several things, including not only a playoff spot but another division title in the AFC West. At 6-3 they are a full two games up over any opponent and face a much easier slate of games in the second half than the first. According to starting quarterback Alex Smith, the Chiefs still can accomplish everything they originally set out to do this year, even having experienced this recent run of poor performances.

"“Everything we want is still right in front of us. I think this is the point in the season where teams separate themselves and we have that opportunity in front of us. I think it is too early to look up and start doing any kind of math or anything like that. Just have to keep getting better every week. Even after a couple weeks ago in a tough loss, you have to find a way to improve on that and help us moving forward.”"

Smith and company are now gearing up to play the New York Giants in a potential trap game. On paper, the Chiefs don’t necessarily have to win this one, although they have every reason not to lose. It would be nice to begin to build some momentum, and they’ve had the entire bye to prepare for the game. The Giants might not roll over and play dead from the beginning, but they’ve been decimated by injuries and poor performances while drowning in the drama from the coaching hot seat under Ben McAdoo.

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Here’s hoping the Chiefs can begin to correct the errors that have plagued them against tougher competition by righting the ship against a one-win team with nothing to play for, despite the respectful things Chiefs coaches and players will say about the Giants before Sunday’s game.