Chiefs rumors: Roy Miller’s arrest details don’t look good


Further details surrounding the domestic battery charge filed on Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Roy Miller have surfaced.

The Kansas City Chiefs will, at some point, make a determination as to how they want to handle the recent arrest of Roy Miller. For now, further details are making their way into the mainstream as to what specifically happened, which could pressure the Chiefs to make a decision on any punishment or release sooner than later.

Miller, the team’s defensive tackle, was arrested early Saturday morning back in Jacksonville, where he played for several years, on a domestic battery charge, although his wife, the alleged victim in the incident, has declined to file any further charges. Miller was released but authorities in the case can still pursue charges even if Miller’s wife, Nicole, doesn’t change her mind from her current stance.

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KCTV has the full details, which include details that the pair were out on a date night and that the ensuing fight occurred after they arrived home with their children present in the house. One witness provided the following:

"At some point, a bedroom door slammed and she heard “thumping” coming from inside the room as if someone was being hit. She said she heard the victim tell the suspect not to hit her again. She also said the victim was uninjured before entering the bedroom and that she saw the victim being held back from getting her phone."

Given these details, it’s hard to imagine the Chiefs are going to let this play out for a long time, as it will only serve as a distraction for a team coming off of a bye week and preparing for the New York Giants. If the Chiefs decide to part ways with Miller, they will likely scour the free agent market for potential replacements since the Dallas Cowboys recently claimed the only defensive lineman from the team’s practice squad.