Locked on Chiefs: Thoughts on C.J. Spiller, Alex Smith and more

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 02: Quarterback Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 02: Quarterback Alex Smith /

As we start to look forward to the Broncos game we take a quick look back at Alex Smith and his play.

On Monday the Chiefs released veteran running back C.J. Spiller for the fourth time this season. Some may wonder why he continues to sign with Kansas City. Look no further than our friend

Joel Corry’s timeline

. Spiller was paid $55,000 for his one week on the Chiefs roster. By my count I believe he’s gotten paid 3 of the four times he’s been on the roster even when he didn’t play. For an out of work back, it’s good money, and his chance to show something to teams is big as well.

So what was the move for this time around? Coach Reid hinted that Steven Nelson is eligible to return to play in the Monday night game. This was surprising as I thought it was eight games but it’s just a flat eight weeks which he qualifies for this weekend. It’s possible he comes back for the game, but I’d be surprised.

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More than likely the spot is reserved for Marcus Kemp who could be activated as late as Sunday to play Monday night. The Chiefs routinely have had six wide outs on the roster so it would make sense in that regard. Where it gets interesting is what if Tamba Hali is ready to return? It’s possible the extra spot is for him. In a much less likely scenario, it’s possible it’s for Dadi Nicolas. And in theory, it’s also possible that it could be a player that hasn’t played for the Chiefs at all though that seems highly unlikely.

What do you think Addicts?