Chiefs vs. Raiders: Winners and losers from Thursday Night Football

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Albert Wilson
OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 19: Albert Wilson /
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OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters
OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 19: Marcus Peters /

Defensive Players and Coaches – Losers

Once again, Bob Sutton made stupid decisions with the defense. Symptoms of a defense shakily run by Sutton include but are not limited to:

  • Bend but don’t break syndrome – Expect to get carved up in yardage for most of the game but will never give up big plays or big scores. Except when it really matters.
  • Pass rush drought – It’s rare that a Sutton led defense will effectively rush the passer or even properly utilize their best rushers
  • Coverage ineptitude – This can be anything from asking your best coverage players to not play to their strengths to the worst of them all. It also includes your best pass rusher in pass coverage almost half of his snaps.
  • Tight end burns – Tight ends love a Sutton-led defense. The wide open fields ripe for scoring draw them in with little defensive efforts to stop them.

It is recommended by anyone with a decent amount of football sense to use a Sutton-led defense to get a struggling or brand new defensive unit on their feet. However, leaning on it long term is asking for losses to come rolling in unabated.

I don’t know about you Addicts, but this loss will burn in my memory for awhile. Derek Carr finally got his first win since 2014 against us. Our streak of owning the AFC West with a stranglehold is over. However, keep this in mind. The Chiefs have lost only two games and still have most of the season yet to play. There is hope for our season! That light has not yet gone out. Not so long as Arrowhead Stadium is loud and alive on game day. Thanks for reading. Who are your winners and losers? Go Chiefs!