Chiefs vs. Texans: 3 key matchups to watch

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 18: Tyreek Hill /
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Left alone as the only undefeated team in the NFL. The 4-0 Kansas City Chiefs now venture to Houston to take on the 2-2 Texans.

It has been quite the week for the Kansas City Chiefs and the  Houston Texans. The Chiefs broke the Washington Redskins and the betting line, and the Texans broke the Tennessee Titans defense in a smashing 57-14 victory. It was the first time in 17 years a team scored 57 points. The last team to do so was exactly 17 years ago on October 1st, 2000 by the St. Louis Rams against the San Diego Chargers in a 57-31 shootout.

Coming into this matchup the Chiefs are currently 10th in points allowed with the Texans sitting at 4th in points scored. How will the Chiefs hold back this unexpected offensive juggernaut? How will the Texans defense hold up against the best offense they’ve faced all year? Lets find out.

Deshaun Watson vs. Chiefs Defense

This week it will be the 3rd time this season in which Watson has faced a top 10 defense (including his 2 quarters against the Jacksonville Jaguars).  In those previous two matchups Watson finished a combined 27/47 for 227 yards 1 TDs and 1 INTs including 7 rushes for 83 yards and 1 TD. The Chiefs have faced two younger QBs already this season in Kirk Cousins and Carson Wentz.

Those two have combined for  39/70 for 553 yards 4 TDs and 1 INT including 11 rushes for 93 yards. I mention those two because both had some success running against the Chiefs defense. Deshaun Watson has 19 rushes for 148 yards and 2 TDs so far this season, and the Chiefs love to rush only 3 defenders and drop 8. They dare QBs to either challenge a stacked secondary or run, and it would be no surprise to see Watson have his best rushing total of the season.

And Watson may have no choice but to run for his life considering the Texans rank 31st in the NFL in pass protection by Football Outsiders. Already this season Watson has been sacked 10 times in just 3 1/2 games.  The Chiefs haven’t quite been among the best in pass rushing so far this season, but have been highly effective in the 4th quarter. Of the Chiefs 11 total sacks, 8 of them have come in the 4th quarter. My prediction for Watson on Sunday night is 200 yards passing, 1 TD and 1 INT with 75 yards rushing and 1 rushing TD.