Tamba Hali is melting down on Twitter…we think

Kansas City Chiefs OLB, Tamba Hali appears to be having a Twitter meltdown. I say “appears” because there is always the possibility that he has been hacked. Hali drawing attention to himself in such a way is not something we are used to. During his time with the Chiefs, Hali has always been a hard, humble worker. He’s been a veteran leader for sure but his leadership has always been conducted int he locker room.

It is Saturday and I happened to catch this. I am sure Matt Connor will be around at some point (can’t the man just enjoy his Saturday, Tamba?) but I figured I’d throw up Tamba’s tweet storm so ya’ll could discuss. I have included some tweets Tamba’s account re-tweeted as well. He seems super frustrated at his lack of playing time in the playoffs last year. He even goes after Adam Teicher pretty hard.

The whole thing seems super weird. Training camp is right around the corner. I am not sure why Tamba would pick now to go on this rant. He tweets that he has not been cut so I am really not sure what is up. Hack? Meltdown? Dunno.

Tweets below.