Kansas City Chiefs among NFL teams using STATsports

The Kansas City Chiefs are one NFL team using a forward-thinking sports analytics company from Newry, Northern Ireland.

STATsports sits in the town of Newry in Northern Ireland, a small town of 30,000-ish residents in the country’s southern edge. Armed with only 40 employees but a forward-thinking approach to measuring sports performance, teams from every sport on multiple continents have come calling for their services. The Kansas City Chiefs are one of them.

The Belfast Telegraph recently described their attempts to grow even further with new rounds of investor funds and expanded growth into new markets. Using various wearable “pods” that include accelerometers, processors, heart-rate monitors, GPS modules, gyroscopes and more, coaches and trainers can keep track of over 50 various metrics on a player’s performance, including speed and force of hit and heart rate.

The technology developed by entrepreneurs Alan Clarke and Sean O’Connor can be used to measure the speed, distance covered, number of tackles and force used, as well as the force each foot strikes the ground with as the player runs. It can also be used to measure players’ heart rates so that training length and intensity can be adapted to their needs.

From numerous soccer teams, including several in the English Premiere League, and rugby squads to several American professional sports franchises, STATsports is finding a comfortable home around the world. American teams using their services include the Chiefs, Carolina Panthers and Oakland Raiders in the NFL, the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks in the NBA, the L.A. Galaxy and Sporting KC in MLS, and even colleges like the University of Kentucky.

See more about one of STATsports’ pods below: