Jeremy Maclin gets free crab cakes for life for joining Baltimore Ravens

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 09: Jeremy Maclin
HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 09: Jeremy Maclin /

Jeremy Maclin has a nice side offer from Jimmy’s Seafood in Baltimore of free crab cakes for life now that he’s signed with the Ravens.

Twitter makes it possible for anyone and everyone to weigh in and be heard these days. It didn’t take long for word of Jimmy’s Seafood’s offer to reach Jeremy Maclin’s ears. Over the last week, Maclin has been deciding whether or not he would sign with the Baltimore Ravens, and the local restaurant wanted to do their part to woo him. It started with some free crab cakes for the life of any contract he signed.

From there, since Maclin took his time, Jimmy’s Seafood decided to up their offer.

After signing a new two-year deal with the Ravens, Maclin finally responded on Twitter.

Even the team admits that Jimmy’s Seafood played a pivotal role in bringing in Maclin.

And lest anyone think the restaurant might have been joking or will not stick to their promises when Maclin comes around for his free crab cakes, you can rest easy.