Mike Williams’ injury is latest bit of bad luck for Chargers

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 21: Mike Williams /

The Los Angeles Chargers will be without their first round pick, wide receiver Mike Williams, for the rest of OTAs.

The Los Angeles Chargers have been one of the NFL’s unluckiest teams when it comes to injuries over the last few years, especially among the offensive skill positions. The team’s bad luck has even hit their most recent first round pick, wide receiver Mike Williams, who will miss the remainder of the team’s spring and early summer activities because of ongoing back concerns.

Travis Wakeman over at Bolt Beat echoes this sentiment when he asks whether or not it’s time for Chargers fans to panic over Williams’ injury. He writes:

"The last thing, literally the last thing any Charger fan wants to hear about is a player being injured. The amount of injuries this organization has dealt with over the last two years has been nothing short of ridiculous and to think that the first player the team drafted this year is already hurting is not a good sign."

The selection of Williams was intended to help bolster a corps that continues to deal with numerous injuries to top wideout Keenan Allen. If all working parts were, well, working, there’s no doubt the Chargers would field one of the top offenses in the National Football League and would be a real threat even to playoff-caliber defenses found in Kansas City and Denver. Instead, injuries like this sideline Philip Rivers options and keep the team from being able to get over the top when it counts.

The good news is that there is still a long way to go to the regular season, which means Williams has plenty of time to rest. Even from the Chiefs perspective, there’s never a reason to be glad for any injury to any player, and Williams has the potential to be a very exciting and impactful player from day one. The Chargers certainly hope to realize that potential sooner than later despite the setback and injury history.