Jeremy Maclin rumors: LeSean McCoy encourages WR to sign with Buffalo Bills

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 30: Jeremy Maclin /

The Buffalo Bills might be the future of now free agent Jeremy Maclin, if LeSean McCoy has anything to say about it.

LeSean McCoy has a prediction for those wondering where wide receiver Jeremy Maclin will sign next.

“Don’t be surprised if it happens,” McCoy said on Sunday, predicting that the free agent wideout will ultimately sign with the Buffalo Bills. McCoy, a former Philadelphia Eagle teammate with Maclin, said he’s been campaigning for Maclin to join the team, and depending on how much playing for a winner could sway Maclin, it could be a nice fit in a few ways.

Maclin certainly will want to feel wanted after having his previous team’s stomach punch so to speak. The Kansas City Chiefs released Maclin late on a Friday just days after he’d invited much of the team and head coach Andy Reid to help him celebrate his wedding. He even appeared at a voluntary minicamp immediately after the wedding, putting off any sort of normal honeymoon arrangement to be there for the team.

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Days after the shocking release, Maclin’s options are many judging by the number of columns asking if he could be a good fit for a number of teams. The San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns have plenty of money to spare and a serious need for skill position players. The Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens have been mentioned as places with familiar elements who are ready to compete yet could use Maclin’s talents. Now the Bills enter the picture with McCoy’s open campaining.

Maclin had a down year as he pushed through injuries in 2016 with only 44 catches for 536 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns. He is, however, clearly of much more and has put up very impressive numbers in the recent past. Having just turned 29, there’s good reason to believe Maclin has several good seasons left in the NFL.