Broncos reporter predicts Jamaal Charles has 50-50 odds of making team

A Denver Broncos beat writer predicts that Jamaal Charles’ chances of making the team’s roster are likely 50-50.

The Denver Broncos made waves in the days following the 2017 NFL Draft when they hosted a visit and subsequently signed former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles. The very idea of Charles playing for the team’s division rival upset many fans, especially after Charles made comments on Twitter about wanting to always play for the Broncos and that it was “personal.”

Just because Charles is currently a member of the Broncos, however, doesn’t mean he will be there when all is said and done. By the time traning camp rosters are pared down from 90 to a final 53, many players will find themselves cut, including vets, and that could potentially mean an oft-injured veteran trying to return from another season-ending injury like Charles. In fact, Mike Klis, a longtime beat reporter for Denver, believes Charles’ odds are around 50-50 and that his contract casts serious doubts on his ability to return to form.

The Broncos brought in the great Jamaal Charles but because of his knee injuries, I’d put his chances of making the season-opening roster at 50-50. His low-guarantee, one-year minimum contract with heavy incentives suggests doubts as to whether he can make it — but it’s a risk worth taking.

Charles basically admitted that he would have given the Chiefs the same chance, to return on a prove-it type deal, but the Chiefs brass was clearly ready to turn the corner. Instead, they added veteran back C.J. Spiller and rookie Kareem Hunt to the mix. So the Broncos will enjoy the low-risk, high-reward potential offered by Charles in 2017, holding out the same hopes the Chiefs have put out there for the last two seasons to poor results. This time, however, they’re paying pennies on the dollar. It’s a risk worth taking for John Elway and company, even if it doesn’t pan out in the end.