Tony Romo rumors: Texans likely landing spot, says Herm Edwards


Tony Romo is likely to land with the Houston Texans, whether through trade or free agency, per former Chiefs coach Herm Edwards.

Tony Romo is still waiting. It’s been weeks now since the conjecture was red hot, when rumors were being floated on a daily basis as to which teams were in and which were not on Romo’s eventual release. From the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs to the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos, teams were reportedly interested in the Dallas Cowboys quarterback or vice versa. Then Jerry Jones decided he wanted to try to trade him instead.

The Chiefs are very likely out of the running at this point. The Cardinals as well. The Broncos have even publicly balked at trading anything for Romo while toeing the line that they’d be interested if released. That leaves the Texans, the team that former Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards believes Romo will end up with.

"“I think he ends up in Houston to be quite honest,” Edwards said. “It’s a pretty good landing spot for him.”"

The Texans have already went all in on a quarterback change of some kind. They’ve traded away Brock Osweiler and a second round pick to the Cleveland Browns just to get him off of their books. They have Tom Savage waiting in the wings. There’s literally no option for the Texans to start for them and maintain any image of a playoff team, despite their strong defense, other than a move for Romo.

What will it cost for the Texans (or another team) to land Romo? That’s what Jerry Jones is still trying to feel out as the Cowboys owner. It’s unlikely he’ll get anything at all, but if he does, credit him for the patience to make it work.