Eric Fisher and Mitch Schwartz: Anchors of the offensive line

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The Chiefs’ offensive line has been in turmoil for several years in recent memory. Has Kansas City finally found it’s anchors, the outside men to hold the line down and keep it together?

The offensive line is key to the success of every team in the history of ever. If the line fails, the offense collapses and thus, the team falls apart. Sure the defense can help pick up some of that slack, but if the offense is to succeed, the line must be solid and unbreakable.

In years not long removed, the offensive line for the Kansas City Chiefs has been lackluster to say the least. Sure, we had our bright spots in guys like Branden Albert, Casey Wiegmann (Does anyone else miss this guy even if Mitch Morse is doing just fine? Wiegmann was something else!), and Rodney Hudson. The line also has seen some duds in Barry Richardson, Mike McGlynn, and Ben Grubbs (All due respect to Grubbs, but he wasn’t worth what we paid to get him). Eric Fisher prior to the last two seasons could be lumped into the dud category.

Speaking of Fisher, he really turned a corner the past two seasons. He’s not quite there yet but he has majorly improved. I was in the crowd that had written him off as a bust and was more than happy to see him replaced. Nowadays though, I will champion the cause of keeping him, just at a lower contract price.