What could a “full strength” Kansas City Chiefs do?

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 27: Outside linebacker Justin Houston
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 27: Outside linebacker Justin Houston /
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The Kansas City are been surprising the entire NFL during the course of the 2016 season. The teams has also been dealing with injuries, which brings to question: What could a full strength Kansas City Chiefs do?

The Kansas City Chiefs have been finding ways to win. Games like the San Diego Chargers in week one which saw the team come back from the largest deficit in team history, to the Carolina Panthers game in which the defense straight up stole the victory. The are in second in the AFC West, and would be in the playoffs again, if the season were to end today.

However, even though the team has been winning, some of its stars have been dealing with multiple game injuries. Both wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and linebacker Dee Ford have missed games this year. Other players have been dealing with injuries that have either limited game playing time or seen them knocked out of a game completely.

Even with the injuries plaguing this team, they still win, so it brings to question, what will a full strength Kansas City Chiefs do in the NFL?

It was reported this week that both Maclin and Ford would return to practice this week, a good sign they might play this weekend. Linebacker Justin Houston came back to full game mode in a BIG way against a weak Denver offensive line and scored three sacks and forced a safety. Before he went down with injury Ford was tied in the NFL with 10 sacks, now throw in the fact that in one game Houston got three, and their pass rush is looking fierce.