Chiefs vs Chargers: Making sense of the madness!

KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 11: Quarterback Alex Smith
KANSAS CITY, MO - SEPTEMBER 11: Quarterback Alex Smith /
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The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers 33-27 in overtime on Sunday. While that sentence is a factual statement it is still hard for me to comprehend and even harder for me to put into words. If it was considered acceptable for a piece here at Arrowhead Addict to be just 36 words long this post might have just been:

“Woo hoo Chiefs won! The Chiefs won! I can’t believe it! What just happened? I can’t feel my legs! The first half was awful. The fourth quarter and overtime were amazing! Woo hoo the Chiefs won!”

That’s really kind of my general response to this game. I’m going to try to go into a little more detail but as I sit here writing this just a couple of hours after the game ended its still hard for me to wrap my head around it. Here in a moment I’m going to talk about what went so horribly wrong in the first half (maybe even three quarters). However, I want to be very clear about this and get it on the record so listen up.

While there were things that were REALLY bad early in this game none of them take the joy of this win away. The win is all that matters and it was amazing. I was literally running around my house like a crazy person yelling when they won. It was fun. It was great. Chiefs fans should enjoy it. Period.

That having been said, there were some things in the first half of this game that Kansas City needs to clean up going forward so they don’t have to continually come back from 21 point deficits. If for no other reason than the fact that I don’t think my nerves can handle that happening every week. You can choose to ignore those things and just enjoy the win, that’s fine. I personally can enjoy the win while looking back at BOTH the good and the bad.

So I’m going to split this post into two sections the rest of the way. The first section will be what went wrong in order for the Chiefs to fall behind 24-7 and then the second section will be about what they did right to finish the game on a 30-3 run and come away with the overtime win.

Let’s start with what went wrong early.

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