Kansas City Chiefs grade card: The offense

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Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are counting down the days until training camp arrives. Short of some news breaking on a new deal with safety Eric Berry there just isn’t much in the way of Chiefs news out there. So for a couple more weeks us diehards that can’t go without our daily Chiefs fix are left to analyze the current roster and debate just how good we think this team can be.

Before our favorite players put the pads on in Saint Joseph I thought it would be good to take one last assessment of the team and how they look going into camp. For the sake of debate I thought doing this in the form of a grade card would be the way to go. So for each position group I’m going to assign a letter grade based on how good I feel about the position.

Grades will be based on a few different criteria, but the bulk of it will come down to two main components, proven NFL starting talent and depth. In order to get a good grade on my report card the Chiefs need to have an above average starter that has proven himself in the NFL AND some quality depth behind that starter.

For instance, let’s pretend the Chiefs have Joe Montana (in his prime) at quarterback but the only other QB on the roster is Tyler Palko. I’m not giving the quarterback position an “A” because they would be one injury away from…..well let’s not go down that road again, you get the idea. At the same time, while depth is great, if the starter is just average the grade won’t be very high either.

In order to give each position the attention it deserves I’m breaking this into two parts. This week I’ll grade out the offensive positions and next week I’ll take on the defense.

For the offense I’ll be grading the following positions: quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and offensive line.

We might as well start off with the quarterbacks.

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