Future of the Chiefs: Eric Berry or Dontari Poe

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Dontari Poe. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez- USA TODAY Sports
Dontari Poe. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez- USA TODAY Sports /

Last week I wrote about the contract situation facing the John Dorsey and the Chiefs front office in regards to Eric Fisher.  This week I wanted to dive into the Eric Berry contract situation…but with a new twist.  You see, at this point, many Chiefs fans have come to the realization that what happens with Eric Berry will likely have a major impact on what happens with Dontari Poe in 2017.

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Why?  Well, that’s just the salary cap-driven world that we live in when it comes to the NFL.  Teams can only afford so many big money deals.  And the Chiefs already have a few on the books right now.  Someone was bound to get the short end of the money stick from the Chiefs.  The question is: Who?

So far it has been the common assumption that Eric Berry will be signed to a big deal that will keep him in Kansas City for a long time.  That’s a reasonable assumption, especially since the owner of the team, Clark Hunt, all but guaranteed that it was going to happen.  That’s a pretty sound piece of information to base an assumption off of.  But, the deal isn’t done yet.

On the other end of things is Dontari Poe.  The big man has helped anchor the Chiefs defense for the past couple of years, and is one of the better memories of the Pioli Era.  But Poe is in line for one of the “mega deals” that defensive players have gotten in the past couple of years.  That’s going to make him difficult for the Chiefs to sign under the best of financial circumstances.  With another big contract on the books in Eric Berry?  Near impossible.

So here is a look at the ins and outs of the two contract situations and where they hold their advantages and disadvantages.  I’m laying all of the cards on the table for both players. So it is up to you to make up your own mind on which side of this argument you want to make your stand.

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