Chiefs deemed underdogs four times this season


The 2016 NFL odds are out for each game, and the Kansas City Chiefs are getting ample respect.

Cantor Technology has released the point spreads for every game of the 2016 National Football League regular season, and the Chiefs are getting love. In fact, the Chiefs are only underdogs four times this campaign, and are favorites in every contest at Arrowhead Stadium.

Here are the point spreads for each game, per Arrowhead Pride:

Week 1    vs. San Diego Chargers (-7)
Week 2    at Houston Texans (PICK)
Week 3    vs. New York Jets (-3.5)
Week 4    at Pittsburgh Steelers (+4)Week 5    …. BYE
Week 6    at Oakland Raiders (PICK)
Week 7    vs. New Orleans Saints (-8)
Week 8    at Indianapolis Colts (+1)
Week 9    vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (-7)
Week 10  at Carolina Panthers (+4.5)
Week 11  vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7)
Week 12  at Denver Broncos (+3)
Week 13  at Atlanta Falcons (PICK)
Week 14  vs. Oakland Raiders (-4.5)
Week 15  vs. Tennessee Titans (-9.5)
Week 16  vs. Denver Broncos (-1.5)
Week 17  at San Diego Chargers (NOT LISTED)

This should make every Kansas City fan feel good. My only gripe would be that the lines don’t really add up in a few instances.

Typically, a team gets three points for being at home. So if the Chiefs are a three-point underdog at Denver, they should be a three-point favorite at home. If Kansas City is a PICK at Oakland, the spread should be six points at Arrowhead.

That said, it’s always nice to see your team as a favorite in eight games and a PICK in three more. If you are a PICK on the road, you are being called the superior team.

Look for the Chiefs to take names in 2016.