Chiefs Back Draft: Back to the neighborhood playground

Chris Jones. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden- USA TODAY Sports
Chris Jones. Mandatory Credit: Spruce Derden- USA TODAY Sports /
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Never has an NFL draft looked more like an old fashioned neighborhood playground with one of those wobbly merry-go-rounds. There is the obvious merry-go-round repetition of picks but this year there is something about the old neighborhood playground that is reflected in this year’s event. In any case, we are back to the playground for sure.

I don’t know about your neighborhood playground but ours was filled with pick-up games that excluded kids, bullies who dominated the merry-go-round, guys who wouldn’t share their ball, older kids who would scare you away and of course there was the mean kid who would threaten to beat you up if he didn’t like you and he goes unchecked.

If the 2016 NFL has been anything, it has taken us back to the neighborhood playground.

The Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher and general manager Les Snead, the kids on the block who wouldn’t share their ball, finally had to say who they were drafting and no one, and I mean no one, was surprised when they revealed they were going to Jared Goff to lead their franchise into the next decade at quarterback.

When the Philadelphia Eagles’ Doug Pederson did get in the game they took consolation prize Carson Wentz to lead their organization at quarterback and it looks like their first fight will not be with the other teams in the NFC East but with the other kids on their own block… their fans.

Now, Doug Pederson is claiming he told disgruntled quarterback Sam “I will not eat Philadelphia’s-green eggs-n-ham” Bradford that he did tell him prior to the draft that the team would be drafting a quarterback at #2. It’s a he-said-she said but I can’t tell you for sure who is the “she” in this scenario. Also, I have reason to trust Pederson less and less these days. Pederson has also said he hasn’t spoken to Bradford. Hmm.

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