Drafting Chiefs: Favorites, names, and a dream draft

John Dorsey speaks to the media. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski- USA TODAY Sports
John Dorsey speaks to the media. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski- USA TODAY Sports /
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Sheldon Day. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore- USA TODAY Sports
Sheldon Day. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore- USA TODAY Sports /

Dream Draft: DL Sheldon Day

I have no idea why Sheldon Day continues to show up in the third round of all the online mock engines, but he does. Maybe it’s because he’s 6-foot-2 and weighs 291 which makes him one inch short and ten pounds too light for most team’s standards. However his upfield moves to penetrate the backfield are some of the best in this draft and if he is still around when the real draft comes around… I hope the Chiefs have made a trade to create a third round pick so they can select him. He reminds me of Star Lotulelei: great hands and great feet. He’s going to be good for somebody.

Personal favorite who the Chiefs probably won’t draft: P Tom Hackett

A lot of Chiefs fans have expressed their outrage at the idea of selecting a punter to replace Dustin Colquitt but even if the Chiefs didn’t gain benefit of getting younger at the punter position plus the huge savings to the cap… even if the Chiefs didn’t gain those advantages, I’d be in favor of them taking him anytime beginning with the second 5th round pick. However, I think Hackett is one of those rare talents who will be around for the better part of the next two decades and he’ll end up being drafted in the 3rd round by a team with extra draft picks this year. Hackett’s rugby style kicking and knack for placing the ball on a dime anywhere inside the five yard line is an extraordinary ability. The Chiefs likely won’t take him, but he’s so very much worth knowing about.

With the Wednesday release of CB Josh Norman, if the Chiefs wanted to create more cap space, they could make a draft day trade and send Dustin Colquitt to another team for a late round draft pick. That move would save the Chiefs 4.45M. If the new punter takes a salary of .5M then the Chiefs total savings would be 4M. Add that to the possible release of S Eric Berry and the Chiefs would be able to sign CB Josh Norman… then they could draft a Safety with their first or second pick in the draft and… Super Bowl here we come.

UPDATE: Not to worry Chiefs fans, Josh Norman has reportedly signed a 75M dollar deal with Washington with 50M guaranteed. I’m glad the Chiefs didn’t get involved with paying out that kind of funny money.

Clearly, the Chiefs can create extra cap space in many different ways.

Name Game: Juan Dos III

As this draft season has evolved a number of prospects, have revealed themselves, bearing the “III” (the third) moniker attached to their names. So, here is the “2016 RGIII Wanna-be draft:

CB Vernon Hargreaves III

CB William Jackson III

LB Scooby Wright III

CB Cleveland Wallace III

LB James Ross III

OG Donald Jackson III

WR Thomas Carter III

Dream Draft: OC/OG Nick Martin

If Nick Martin, brother of Cowboys Pro Bowler Zack Martin, could somehow end up in a Chiefs uniform, I believe he could help resolve the Chiefs interior line problems. Many believe Nick is as good a Zack and I’m one of them. Nick enters the league with the same physical gifts as Zack except Zack carried about 9 more pounds then Nick has now. The brothers call each other best friends and Nick knows why Zack has achieved the success he has so far… hard work. Sounds like he’d fit right into the Chiefs culture.

Personal favorite who the Chiefs probably won’t draft: OLB James Cowser

Cowser… owns the all¬time (FCS) records in sacks (43) and tackles for loss (80).” Cowser played defensive end for a FCS school, Southern Utah and though it’s questionable whether or not he could make the switch to OLB there’s is no doubt that he’s has the drive to succeed. Although he has a squatty and unusual body type, which you don’t often see in the NFL, he has all the other intangibles required to be an excellent player in the league.

Name Game: ILB Zeek Bigger

Why? Because “Zeek Bigger” just sounds funny to me, that’s all.

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