Drafting Chiefs: Favorites, names, and a dream draft

John Dorsey speaks to the media. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski- USA TODAY Sports
John Dorsey speaks to the media. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski- USA TODAY Sports /
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Xavien Howard. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman- USA TODAY Sports
Xavien Howard. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman- USA TODAY Sports /

Dream Draft: CB Xavien Howard

In the first round, the Kansas City Chiefs trade their 28th pick to the Oakland Raiders, for their 13th pick in the second round plus their 12th pick in the 3rd round and their 16th pick in the 4th round. In the 2016 NFL draft, with the 13th pick of the second round, the Kansas City Chiefs select cornerback Xavien Howard. If you haven’t heard me say before, aside from the top three corners in this draft, Howard is my favorite. Xavien… not Pig.

Personal Favorite who the Chiefs probably won’t draft: OG Graham Glasgow

Graham Glasgow is a three years starting offensive guard from Michigan who did well at the Senior Bowl and that’s where he caught my eye. In fact, he was the only offensive lineman at the Senior Bowl who did a good job of tying up DL Sheldon Day and not allowing him to get past him in one-on-one drills during practice. Sheldon Day was eating everyone’s lunch and spitting it out during Senior Bowl practice week by making one offensive lineman after another’s look foolish. Until, Graham Glasgow put him in a fish bowl.

Name Game: DL Silverberry Mouhon

Silverberry Mouhon is a name you may not have heard of since he’s the 353rd ranked player in the draft according to DraftScout.com. Silverberry is a defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bearcats who was named to the All-conference second team in 2015, so he’s not all that obscure. It’s been speculated that he was named after famous author, A.R. Silverberry because his father was a big fan of the author growing up. However, upon further review, AR Silverberry’s books all focus upon the lives of adolescent girls. So, there’s a something either unbelievable or perverse about that story. After 7 games of the 2013 season, Silverberry had 5.5 sacks and a local sports site wrote a piece entitled, “UC’s Silverberry Mouhon making name for himself.” Seems like his name had already made a name for himself.

Dream Draft: OG Cody Whitehair

I keep hoping that the Chiefs can solve their interior line problems and their cornerback problems… all in the first two rounds. I know this isn’t rational thinking… so I thought I’d just get it out of my system now. However, wouldn’t it be great if Xavien Howard (who, by the way, is not related to Pig in any way) could come in and be a Marcus Peters clone and win defensive rookie of the year and Cody Whitehair could come in and be “Mitch Morse II?” A guy can dream can’t he?

Personal favorite who the Chiefs probably won’t draft: WR K.J. Maye

K.J. Maye is a small wide out who reminds me of Wes Welker. Welker was excellent at sitting down in a zone between DBs and Maye seems to be able to do the same thing. Catching the ball over the middle is an art and if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up looking like a pile of pulverized Picasso paintings. At 5-foot-8 and 194 lbs. Maye runs a 4.65 40. So, what may get Maye drafted are his quicks and ability to get open and not his speed. I doubt that the Chiefs will take him but, he looks like some other team’s late round gem to me.

Name Game: Romeo Okwara & Jose Casanova

The Love generation is just beginning. So… if Romeo Okwara’s son married Jose Casanova’s daughter… and she decided to keep her last name… she’d be… Mrs. Romeo Casanova?

Or something like that. It could be worse, they could have named their son “Pig.”

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